Foto Centar


- film & photo developing in 15 minutes
- complete customer service (films, batteries, camera cleaning and repair etc.)
- color and black-and-white photographs in all formats
- photos for all documents (4 pcs for only 5 KM)
- we develop APS films
- digital photography
- DIA-film developing
- a wide selection of postcards (over 100 different patterns)
- reproduction of old photos (if you want to enlarge or duplicate a photo for which you don't have a negative)
- out of doors (at the requested location) shooting
- studio photographs - group or individual (portraits, couples, wedding photos etc.)
- technical photography (for catalogues of your products or tourist brochures)






 For every film and photos you develop at Foto Centar, you get an album, a large photograph and a new film (36exp) free! For every film you buy here you have free developing! Visit our "Coupons" section!



Foto Centar 1962-2002